Welcome! Selection of the name for the restaurant was not casual. For the Chinese people Dragon embodies the good, peace and prosperity. It brings life and light. Golden Draagon symbolizes the emporor's power, strength and fertility. It is wise, merciful and capable of granting spiritual and material wealth to a person. We are striving to create the atmosphere of comfort and kindness for each our customer. Courtesy of our staff and culture of servicing will enable you to really enjoy visiting our cafe. The variety of our dishes will help you to join the ancient traditions and culture of China. The delight of the dishes lies in the refined balance between their components and spices. The Chinese cuisine has been upgraiding in the course of milleniums, having been famous for its finesse as early as in ancient time. when visiting "Golden Dragon", you will be able to be carried to asia for a while. Having left the fuss of the noisy town you will find yourself in a quite and peaceful world. Marvellous fans, etchings, traditional Chinese latterns, serene atmosphere and pacifying music will make you forget about all daily troubles. The Chinese believe that the image of Dragon brings happiness, good and peace into one's home. We hope, that visiting our café will bring you good luck!

Golden Dragon    PÜHAVAIMU 7

 E-mail: golden.dragon@mail.ee

tel.+372 631 3506