Lamb cpecialities

69. KONJEE LAMB                                                                   14,00

Crispy lamb with carrot, capsicum, sesame seeds and onion in honey-ginger sauce

70. OYSTER LAMB                                                                   13,50

Lamb  with mushrooms, carrot, onion, capsicum and bamboo shoots in oyster sauce

71. KUGBOW LAMB                                                                  13,50

Lamb  with peanuts, capsicum, onion, mushrooms and dry chilly in Hoisin sauce

72. HONG KONG LAMB                                                           13,50

Lamb with mushrooms, bamboo shoots,  garlic and dry chilly in Hong Kong style

73. LAMB VINDALOO                                                              14,00

Lamb cooked in spicy tomato sauce with garlic and coconut

74. DILLI KA SAAG GOSHT                                                   14,00

Lamb cooked in thick spinach sauce



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