Chicken specialities

40. GING TOU CHICKEN                                                      12,20 €

Crispy fried chicken fillet in honey sauce with chilly and sesame seeds

41. HOT GARLIC CHICKEN                                                 11,50 €

Chicken fillet with capsicum and onion in hot garlic sauce 

42. CHICKEN DRAGON STYLE                                           11,50 €

Chicken fillet with mushrooms, capsicum, carrot and chilly in cognac sauce

43. SINGAPORE CHICKEN                                                   11,50 €

Chicken fillet with celery, chilly and cashew in curry sauce

44. PEKING CHICKEN                                                           11,50 €

Deep fried chicken fillet in sweet and sour sauce with garlic

45. SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN                                      11,50 €

Chicken fillet with onion, capsicum,  pineapple and greenpeas in sweet and sour sauce

46. KUNG PO CHICKEN                                                        12,00 €

Сhicken fillet with capsicum, cashew nuts, chilly beans, garlic and coqnac

47. TERIJAKI CHICKEN                                                       11,50 €

Chicken fillet with broccoli and carrot in Terijaki soya sauce

48. LEMON CHICKEN                                                            11,50 €

Deep fried chicken fillet in lemon sauce

49. CHICKEN VINDALO                                                      12,00 €

Chicken fillet with garlic and coconut in spicy tomato sauce

50 .MURG TIKKA MASALA                                                  12,00 €

Chicken fillet cooked in thick Masala gravy

51. KAI PHAD MET MAMUNG                                             11,50 €

Сhicken fillet with cashew nuts, mushrooms and lemon leaves

52. THAI TRADIDITIONAL CURRY                                 12,50 €

(Red                 , green             , yellow     )

Classical Thai dish with chicken, coconut milk, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and lemon leaves




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