Beef specialities

83. CRISPY BEEF                                                                           13,50 €

Crispy beef with carrot, capsicum, onion, celery and ginger in hot bean sauce


84. sizzling OYSTER BEEF                                                           13,00 €

Beef fillet with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, soya and garlic in oyster sauceon sizzler


85. SATAY BEEF                                                                             13,00 €

Beef fillet with mushrooms, carrot and bamboo shoots in Satay sauce


86 . BLACK PEPPER BEEF                                                          13,00 €

Beef fillet with bamboo and capsicum in black pepper sauce on sizzler


87. KUGBOW BEEF                                                                        13,00 €

Beef fillet with peanuts, capsicum, onion, mushrooms and dry chilly in Hoisin sauce


88. HONG KONG BEEF                                                                 13,00 €

Beef fillet with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, garlic and dry chilly in Hong Kong style





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